We have increased the thickness of laser cutting

Last year we promised you that the NEWS would not be finished.


Indeed today we have increased the thickness workable by laser and we have significantly improved the quality of cutting.


Until yesterday we could only work metals up to 3.00 mm but now we can cut thicknesses much higher:



IRON up to 10 mm

ALUMINIUM up to 3 mm

TITANIUM up to 3 mm


This is a great opportunity that allows us both to increase the range of products we can produce for you and, above all, to improve considerably the quality of the cut through the use of new technology.

We wait for your new projects in any field of application: mechanical, engineering, electronics, furniture, eyewear, fashion, jewelry and many more.


With us, no more limits to your imagination!


The Fotomeccanica team is always at your disposal to answer your requests as soon as possible

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