Laser cutting

In March 2013 we introduced the Optical Fibre Laser Cutting technology, in order to provide our customers an additional service.

The many investments throughout the years lead the company towards the creation of a custom-made Machinery Inventory. Its advanced technology makes it very versatile and able to cut a very wide range of metals.

Furthermore, we added the CO2 Laser Cutting, which grants an even higher cut quality. It also reduces or even erases the realisation times and costs of the following finishing processes.

This is why Fotomeccanica’s Strong Point is using two different types of laser machines. The variety of workable thicknesses allows us to increase the feasible products for any application field (from mechanics to jewelry, from engineering to eyewear).


The advantages of Laser cutting

Greater precision and cleaner cut

The combination of Laser Cutting and Fotomeccanica’s highly-qualified Technical Staff allows to attain a flawless finished product, even for the most demanding costumers.

Laser technology offers the advantage of a sharp, shiny cut with no burr and with a high geometric precision regardless of the material’s thickness (the minimum tolerance is +/- 0,05 mm).

Flexible and fast process

Laser cutting is very convenient to produce prototypes of both small and medium quantities because it has no system costs.

Thanks to laser cutting, we can work with metals that are not suitable to photo-etching (titanium alloys, for instance) and with a much wider range of thicknesses (up to 10,00 mm depending on the material).

Workable materials

CARBON STEEL from 0,20 to 6,00 mm STAINLESS STEEL from 0,20 to 6,00 mm IRON from 0,20 to 10,00 mm ALLUMINIUM ALLOYS from 0,20 to 3,00 mm TITANIUM ALLOYS from 0,20 to 3,00 mm BRASS from 0,20 to 3,00 mm BRONZE from 0,20 to 1,00 mm ALPACCA from 0,20 to 2,50 mm MONEL from 0,20 to 2,50 mm NICLAFOR from 0,20 to 2,00 mm

Fotomeccanica is specialised in the photo-etching of metals


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