Milling and Photoelectric Cell Reset

In order to provide its customers with a product that is more and more complete and of high quality, Fotomeccanica implemented its production department with new machines.

We are now able to provide the Milling and Photoelectric Cell Reset service, aiming to guarantee a high precision and a good surface finishing.

Cnc milling is a processing technique that allows to attain a wide array of surfaces by removal.


The advantages of Cnc Milling and Photoelectric Cell Reset

Advanced technology system

The Cnc Numerical Control Machine works in an almost totally independent way, with very high precision standards and process repeatability.

Flexible and fast process

Milling is employed to create not symmetrical or highly complex shapes.

Higher precision and cleaner cut

Thanks to the high precision achievable, milling can be employed as secondary process on semi-finished products obtained through a different process. This means that it is possible to add high precision characteristics to an already processed item.

Fotomeccanica is specialised in the photo-etching of metals


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