Medical components

Medical components

The versatility of Chemical Etching as a technology that can be applied to many sectors is by now well known. Nevertheless, it is essential to pay special attention to the needs of the medical sector, a highly specific field requiring extremely defined materials and production characteristics.

Fotomeccanica is the ideal partner to make precision instruments: surgery devices, internal and external parts for dental equipment, microscopes parts and elements for optical and acoustic devices, to name just a few.

Chemical Etching guarantees precision and neatness, allowing to maintain the high standards required by an avant-garde and constantly evolving sector as the medical sector.

Since the very first phase of offer studying, the customer can work with a technical commercial team, ready to analyse and develop any kind of requests, even the most complex.

Fotomeccanica offers its client a Quality Control department that operates through visual check on every single item, in order to guarantee a flawless product.


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