Customizable is one of the adjectives that best defines the chemical etching. Logos, colours, sizes and formats can be modified to meet all the customer needs.

Plaques and Labels

Fotomeccanica operates with passion and creativity to enhance the prestige of your brand, supporting you in the creation of unique items.


Interior design

Fotomeccanica has been operating in the furniture industry as a support for the main factories, by realising metallic, self-adhesive, customised brand labels.


Business Cards and Badges

Fotomeccanica makes Metal Business Cards and Badges which can be fully graphically customised according to the client's requests and completed with the esthetic finishings required.


Gifts and Decorations

Fotomeccanica manufactures captivating promotional items. Any creation can be produced with raw metals or completed with sophisticated finishes.



For the horology sector we produce quadrants, hands, decorations, gearwheels for high precision micro-drilling and micro-engraving mechanisms.


The Fotomeccanica team is always at your disposal to answer your requests as soon as possible

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