Technical sector that needs maximum precision in the production of components indispensable for the construction of machines and electrical appliances.

Building on the knowledge acquired over the years, Fotomeccanica proposes itself not only as executing company but also as  consultant for the development of new articles.
Thanks to the versatility of the technologies used, the continuous investments in R&D and the new additions to the owned machinery fleet, today Fotomeccanica can offers to its customers concrete solutions and great quality and definition products.
Our laser technology is characterized by a structural and functional components made with very light materials and this means granted speed. The cutting speed does not allow the material to overheat by excluding alterations of the worked metal from the production process, with the result therefore of making cuts with very tight tolerances, working thin thicknesses, cutting material with protected surfaces such as the various types of magnetic laminations without leaving residues on the edges or superficial burns.
In the specific case of the electric motor, precision becomes synonymous with quality, as the pieces obtained have the same technical and performance characteristics as the blanking pieces.

Thanks to a latest generation of machines, Fotomeccanica is able to produce laminations, rotors and stators


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