Dual Technology

Photo-etching and Laser Cutting used to create a single item, to obtain articles with a complex design and a total cut neatness.

The union of the two technologies has allowed to further expand the range of possible products by mixing and exploiting the strong points of both.



The advantages of Dual Technology

Very high precision

Our laser cutting machines are provided with an extremely precise optical pointing system, which allows to work on previously photo-etched sheets. This guarantees that the two processing techniques are perfectly axial. Furthermore, this process optimises the costs by photo-etching the lower engravings and then intervening with the laser only where needed.

Esthetic and functional perfection are achieved by combining the peculiar characteristics of both technologies: the versatility of photo-etching and the perfection of laser cutting.

We are able to meet specific needs

Thanks to the combination of the two technologies, Fotomeccanica can meet a wide array of needs and create very complex products. We are therefore able to satisfy technical sectors, where absolute perfection of components is essential (for instance: micromechanics, microelectronics and horology).

No limits to your imagination

Dual Technology is a further innovation thanks to which there are no restrictions on the engraving depth and we are able to etch on more levels on thicknesses up to 3,00 mm.

In addition to that, we can expand your products’ range of customisation.

No limits to your imagination.

Fotomeccanica is specialised in the photo-etching of metals


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