A history of dedication and passion


A history of dedication and passion

Fotomeccanica is a dynamic and professional company with more than thirty years of experience in manufacturing metals.

Building on the experience gined over the years, Fotomeccanica proposes itself not only as a producer, but also as a consultant for the development of new articles.

Over 30 years of history

Fotomeccanica was born in 1986 thanks to the important know-how and entepreneural spirit of its founder: Mario Bastianon. He had the brilliant idea to create items from metal sheets using an innovative technology that was virtually unknown up to that time: the photochemical etching.

After overcoming the initial difficulties related to the industrialization of the productive process, the success was immediate and in few years Fotomeccanica became a professional and competent partner for the development and the fulfillment of innovative projects.
The first items had simple geometries: we worked on easily machinable materials (such as brass and bronze) and relatively small thicknesses: from 0.20 to 0.30 mm.

New productive strategies

The big turning point came when Mario's children, Maurizio and Ivana, followed with enthusiasm and passion the footsteps of their father. They started developing more elaborate projects thanks to new production strategies, initiating a period of change and transformation.
Significant investments in research, marketing and human resources have allowed Fotomeccanica to satisfy a more and more demanding and detailed clientele and to expand its expertise in the international market.

The chemical engravings were quickly applied to different materials with complex chemical characteristics, such as stainless steel and alpacca.

Moreover, the range or workable thicknesses has been increased up to 1,5 mm in order to produce components with excellent mechanical functions and reduced tooling costs.

A company that invests in its future

These innovations lead to an unprecedented success, revolutionising the normal procedures of industrialization which, until then, were mainly based on mechanical molding.

In order to provide a complete customer support, from design to finished product, Fotomeccanica introduced other additional processes, such as tumbling, coating, bending, galvanic plating.
These winning intuitions allowed the company to grow bigger and bigger in a short time and to become a true reference point in their field on an international level.

Today Fotomeccanica stands out on the market as a serious and precise Company with over 30 years of experience and great manufacturing abilities.

Behind all the achievements there is a skilled and committed teamwork: the strength of a united and determined group, because Fotomeccanica has always been and will always be a family of people who believe and invest in Italian Excellence, putting their heart into what they do.

Fotomeccanica is specialised in the photo-etching of metals


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