We etch silver

Thanks to the experience that we gained meeting the stimulating challengers our customers give us, now we are able to apply the many benefits of chemical etching to precious material such as Silver.


One clear benefit is a lower production cost compared with the traditional methods of working.


The silver warkable thicknesses range from 0.40 mm (or less if requested) to 1.50 mm (that is the maximum thickness if there are perforated parts).


Sheet sizes are chosen according to the sizes and characteristics of your project.


Silver can also be supplied for manufacturing purposes.


Any item of jewelry (pendants, rings, bracelets, ...) or any item of decoration can now be supplied from this precious material.


So just let your imagination run, send us your projects and our technicians will develop for you the most advantageous solutions.



The Fotomeccanica team is always at your disposal to answer your requests as soon as possible

Please do not hesitate to contact us!