The Packaging Tells

The word "Packaging" also includes intangible characteristics of the production, industrial and aesthetic process: the emotion aroused by a shopping bag featuring the name of your favorite brand printed on, the curiosity triggered by a colored box, the scent evoked by the picture of a perfume bottle.

Packaging has taken a leading role in a company’s communication strategies as a meanof conveying images and feelings through the packaging ofitsbrand and logo

Without any doubt, in an ever-growing market which is shaping up in different ways, every opportunity needs to be seized.After all, the presentation of the product is the first thing to impress.

Packaging enables multi-sensory communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Colors, images, dimensions, shapes and words can communicate to consumers before, during and after the purchasing and consumption experience. Many people like to keep a nice shopping bag, a pretty box, a decorated bottle, an extravagant ribbon

Personalized Packaging is now becoming indispensable in many areas.

A package is the first introduction to a product and serve to attract new customers, to retain the existing ones and to convey the image of the brand. Creativity, elegance and recognizability of logos, colors and materials make the top-of-the-range packaging a usable product and not a mere wrapping.

Since 1986, Fotomeccanica produces high precision metal components thanks to the use of technologies that guarantee the highest precision: the chemical photo-etching and the laser cutting.
Regarding Packaging, Fotomeccanica is able to produce all sorts of components required by the customer to customize its own product / brand: labels, logos, design components, accessories, complete with required finishes.



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