FOTOMECCANICA  is a company on the move, we like to define it like this.

Changes are physiological and when they are part of a continuous growth process as in our case they join the company's DNA itself.

The process of INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION we have been implementing since a long time has been wished to ensure a high and steady quality level on both small-scale productions and large-scale productions.

The key word is FLEXIBILITY

Usually, the concept of FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP and INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION are in sharp contrast, the first is based on man, the second on technology and excludes almost the human factor, we are extremely conscious instead of continuing to grow and reach new goals again that the two things have to go hand in hand.

The sensitivity and the experience of the staff who is able to intervene at any stage of the industrial process, with the continuity and accuracy guaranteed by the automation, offers high quality, flexibility and service to our customers.

2017 saw the entry into Fotomeccanica of new machinery already perfectly integrated into the company's production system.
FOTOMECCANICA 4.0 is a reality.


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