Fotomeccanica Vs Covid19 - Official Statement 9.3.2020

The Company Fotomeccanica's Board informs that:

With reference to the DPCM dated 8 March 2020 and in full compliance with the limitations provided, the Company Fotomeccanica srl  guarantees the full operation of its production plant, offices and the operability of Its employees.

The decree placed Fotomeccanica srl within an area called "Orange", which obliges to follow specific behavioral and health rules but it absolutelly does not limit the transportation of goods.

Therefore the production capacity, the transport activities and the delivery plans  are guaranteed.

Fotomeccanica srl has put in practice all the necessary preventive measures to ensure that the rules are respected within the Company. The Company is also working to enhance the awareness of social responsible behaviors with the assurance that this is the fundamental help that every person must give.

Fotomeccanica srl  is constantly monitoring the situation, with the strong hope that it will end as soon as possible.

The Company will take care of keeping you updated.


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