Fotomeccanica for Gagliole (MC)


The ten caravans provided by the Bastianon family has been delivered on last 3rd and 4th December to the Municipality of Gagliole, in the province of Macerata, which has been significantly hit by the earthquake in August 2016. Finally the 40 persons who still slept in the local public gym will be now able to restore their own family units.

Thanks to these comfortable caravans, all equipped with accesible toilets and kitchen areas, the reception centers have been closed and a village has been realized for the last evacuees of Gagliole.

The Bastianon family has made the caravans available on free loan for a year. The caravans have been set up in an area neighbouring the Town Hall in the "Village of solidarity Fotomeccanica Bastianon" officially opened on Sunday, December 4 with a ribbon cutting cerimony with Mario Bastianon presiding together with his daughter Ivana, his son Mauritius and Pederobba and Gagliole mayors.

The will to help the City of Gagliole concretely has become a reality thanks to tenacity of the Bastianon family that strongly brought this initiative forward, also involving their employees who have freely chosen to support the project by donating an amount corresponding to two hours of their working day and, not less important, the volunteers of the Caravanners Association from Treviso who have driven the caravans up to the destinationon on Saturday 3rd.




Gagliole is an Italian village with 647 inhabitants, located in the Marche Region
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