A good combination!

In order to offer its clients constant, complete and innovative support, from March 2013 FOTOMECCANICA S.r.l. has introduced the revolutionary technology of laser cutting in addition to chemical milling, which has over twenty years experience.

Chemical milling allows to treat metals with a very thin thickness and drill micron diameter holes, instead laser cutting provides a higher precision and a cleaner cut. Laser cutting also allows to cut larger thicknesses and to work metals that are not treatable using the chemical milling technology.

Thanks to this Fotomeccanica can work with a wide range of materials and an equally diverse amount of thicknesses ranging from 0.05 mm (with chemical milling) to 3.00 mm (with laser cutting).

Furthermore, the combination of these two technologies cover a full range of specific needs and it allows to create very complex products with very precise cuts. So Fotomeccanica is able to meet the needs of industries that claim the absolute perfection of components, such as micromechanics, microelectronics and watch-making.


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