Quality System

ISO 9001 Certification establishes the requirements for a quality management system for all organizations who want a certificate of their ability to offer a product that complies with current regulations and that is able to meet the needs of customers in order to increase the level of satisfaction.
The quality translates into the ability of a company to provide its customers with a service that meets their expectations, on time and in the manner required and in full compliance with the regulations.
All of the company must be involved in achieving the goal (mission). This also implies the involvement and mobilization of employees and the reduction of waste in order to optimize efforts.

In the UNI EN ISO 9004:2000 (and 9000:2005) have been defined
the eight principles of quality management:

Customer-oriented organisation Understanding the customers' present and future needs, conform to their requests and aiming to exceeding their own expectations.
Leadership The Managers agree upon their purposes and the organisation's direction. They should create and mantain a work environment that fully involves the staff in pursuing the goals, motivating the work group.
Staff involvement People, on every level, are the essence of an organisation and their full involvement allows them to put their skills at the service of the organization.
Process approach A wanted result is achieved in a more efficient way when the resources and the activities are managed as a process.
Systemic approach to management Identifying, understanding and managing a system of interconnected processes aiming to determined goals improves the efficiency and effectivness of the organisation.
Continuuous improvement The continuous improvement should be a permanent goal for the organisation.
Decisions based of facts Effective decisions are based on data and information analysis.
Mutual benefit relationships with suppliers An organisation and its suppliers are interdependant and a mutual benefit relationship improves for both the ability to create value.

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