Packaging is the first union element between product and consumer.

A purchased item is often recognised among a thousand others thanks to its package, because it conveys a feeling of intimacy, habit, safety.
A product that is chosen for the first time displays first of all its package and wrapping, the first indicator of the image and the values that the brand decides to convey.
Packaging is like the first chapter of a book, the first episode of a tv series, the trailer of a movie: packaging is that thing that makes you decide if you are interested in the product or not.

Thanks to partnerships with the fashion, luxury and design sectors, Fotomeccanica has developed a strong sensibility towards packaging and offers custom-made solutions for every type of sector.
Chemical Etching, Laser Cut or the combination of both (Dual Technology) allow to get highly sophisticated and clean products, even in the case of very complex decorations.
Furthermore, the extent of workable materials and thicknesses and the many finishings we offer allow the company to reach the highest level of product customisation requested by the client.


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